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IWA LESAM 2015 (Strategic Asset Management of Water and Wastewater Infrastructures) was held at Yokohama on 17-19 November 2015.
89 overseas and 133 local delegates participated in the Conference, which was concluded with a remarkable success.
The organizers thanks all of those who had contributed to this conference.

* Presentation data of the Closing Address from Dr Helena Alegre can be downloaded from here.

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Key Dates

Deadlines   各種締切日  
Call for papers March 31, 2015
April 30, 2015
アブストラクト受付締切 平成27 年3月31 日(火)
Notification of authors May 29, 2015
June 30, 2015
July 17, 2015
アブストラクト採否通知 平成27年5月29日(金)
Submission of full paper September 30, 2015 フルペーパー提出締切 平成27年9月30日(水)
Early bird registration rate August 31, 2015 アーリーバード登録締切 平成27年8月31日(月)
Standard registration rate October 16, 2015 スタンダード登録締切 平成27年10月16日(金)

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It is our pleasure to announce LESAM 2015, the sixth IWA Leading-Edge Conference on Strategic Asset Management of water and wastewater infrastructures.

With the organisation of the biennial LESAMs facilitated by The IWA Strategic Asset Management Specialist Group, IWA establishes a consolidated leading-edge forum where utilities, consultants, regulators, researchers and asset managers identify and discuss the main challenges, new solutions and trends in strategic asset management.

Themes for LESAM 2015 include: infrastructure asset management and risk management of major natural disasters, asset management from strategic planning to operation, reducing environmental load, alternative water and energy resources and more.

The Conference will be jointly organized by IWA, City of Yokohama, Japan Water Works Association (JWWA) and Japan Sewage Works Association (JSWA).
It will be held in Yokohama, where the Japan’s first modern water and sewage works started in the late 19th century. Yokohama also hosted the 7th IWA Regional Workshop, where the importance and the usefulness of asset management for the sustainable management were recognized.
Sustainability of urban water services requires medium‐ and long‐term infrastructure planning, including not only renewal strategies and tactics, but also the financial, organizational and information management aspects needed to ensure that stakeholders’ needs and expectations are met over time.
The theme of the Conference “Infrastructure Asset Management” is vital for pursuing those efforts.
In this LESAM, the first‐ever hosted in Asia, we expect a large number of SAM experts in the world to participate in valuable and unique presentations and discussions.
We are confident that this Conference will offer you an excellent opportunity to meet with world’s leading professionals of urban water services – water supply, wastewater management and storm water management.

As the organizers of the Conference we feel deeply honored to be involved in this event.

We encourage your participation, either as a presenter or as a delegate, and look forward to meeting you in Yokohama.

Dr Helena Alegre
Chair of the IWA
Strategic Asset Management
Specialist Group

Mr Kazunari Doi
Chair of the Conference
Organising Committee


Asset Management approaches and techniques around the world continue to become more sophisticated and widespread. Still, with each advance and success, new challenges appear and demand our attention.

Water professionals and organizations operating all around the world are confronted with tighter economic conditions and rising customer need for greater value from their water and wastewater services. This demands more effective, lower cost solutions. We have exciting tools at our disposal with new technologies, software and management approaches delivering optimal investment outcomes that balance customer value, risk and regulatory expectations.

    This will require:
  • a sound understanding of emerging technologies, processes and materials
  • better quantification of risk, priorities and risk management techniques
  • development of models to predict asset failure
  • a better understanding of what customers and communities expect and their willingness to pay
  • advanced economic modelling and improved accounting for costs and benefits
  • asset configuration optimization and using rehabilitation opportunities to reconfigure networks
  • improved management systems and workforce capability

LESAM 2015 will provide a unique opportunity to discuss developments at the leading-edge in these and other fields with global participants from all parts of the water and sewage works sectors.


この度、上下水道事業に関する、国際水協会 戦略的アセットマネジメント会議(IWA LESAM 2015 横浜)


LESAM 2015 は、「施設のアセットマネジメント及び自然災害に対するリスク管理」、「アセットマネジメントの手法 ~戦略的計画から運用管理まで~」、「環境負荷の低減」及び「代替可能な水資源及び資源エネルギーの活用」等をテーマに実施いたします。
平成 24 年2 月に横浜で開催された第7回IWA ワークショップでは、持続的な水道事業運営を可能とする手段として、アセットマネジメントが重要かつ有効であることが認識されました。


皆様に本会議へご参加いただき、横浜でお会いできることを心よりお待ち申し上 げております。

IWA 戦略的アセットマネジメント
Dr Helena Alegre

IWA LESAM 2015(国際水協会 戦略的アセットマネジメント会議)
土井 一成




  • 新たな技術、プロセス及び素材等に関する正しい理解
  • リスクや優先順位、危機管理技術の有効的な定量化
  • 施設故障の予測モデルの開発
  • 顧客ニーズや料金支払に対する十分な理解
  • 先進的な経済のモデル化及び費用対効果を考慮した会計処理
  • 施設配置の最適化及び施設整備に伴うネットワークの再構築
  • 経営システムの改善及び人材育成

LESAM 2015 では、世界中の上下水道に関する各界からの参加者と共に、上記の項目をはじめとするアセットマネジメントの先進的な発展について議論できるまたとない機会を提供いたします。